Why Diets Don't Work


How giving up dieting will help you lose and keep off tons of weight, even if you’ve never been able to keep weight off for longer than 6 months.  

I used to be a diet whore. 

When everyone was doing Atkins. I did it.

When Paleo became popular. I did it.

When Eating Clean was ‘the thing’. I did it.

Each time, I paid money.

Each time, I prepped food for hours.

Each time, I went full force into diet mode.

Each time, I got burned and put back on any weight that I lost.

I started feeling used, like a cheap whore in Game of Thrones.

How could I pour so much time and effort into dieting, yet always find myself falling off the wagon?

What was wrong with me?


Tell Me If This Sounds Familiar:

  1. You get really motivated to get in shape.
  2. You go shopping on Sunday afternoons and only buy healthy stuff.
  3. You prep your meals and stuff them in Tupperware. 
  4. You eat your prepped meals every 3-4 hours.
  5. You drink tons of water. 
  6. You read motivational quotes to keep yourself focused.
  7. You work out super hard.
  8. You steer clear of all the junk food.

For a few weeks, you do great and the weight is melting off.  But, despite your success, after 3-4 weeks of dry fish, stinky broccoli, and crusty sweet potato, your soul begins to die with each meal.

Then, in a flash of chicken nuggets and Snickers bars, you are off the wagon… again.

And by off the wagon, I mean you dragged the wagon into the woods, burned it, and used the insurance money to buy Twinkies.

If you are reading this article, you’ve probably been there (I’ve been there myself. Many times).

Falling off your diet seems like an easy thing to overcome in theory.  If you fall off, just hop back on. As Aaliyah once said, “dust yourself off and try again.”

Although dusting yourself off seems simple, the guilt of eating all the foods you shouldn’t have been eating starts to burn you alive.  Naturally, the only way to make up for your reckless behavior is to hop back on a wagon, but this time with more rules and restrictions.  

Despite the new rules and restrictions, your plan (almost immediately) backfires, and you cannot sustain what you started, leading you to swan dive head first into a gallon of ice cream.

It probably looks something like this:

The Diet Cycle

Why is it so damn hard? 

Why Is Dieting so Damn Hard??

Seemingly, dieting should be easy - “Eat good food, avoid bad food.”  

If it’s so easy, why is it so hard to do?

On the surface, dieting should be simple. You “eat good food, and avoid bad food.” But, if dieting is supposed to be so simple, why is it so damn hard to do?”

Chances are you know that the majority of diets are unsustainable, unrealistic, and even straight up dangerous. But, even those are NOT the reason why sticking to a diet is so tough.

The real reason is that diets are physically and mentally poisonous.  This poison affects you in three ways:

It’s a poison that affects your body by:

Triggering weight GAIN of 10-15 pounds for every diet you go on. (1)

Increasing body fat by 40%. (2)

Slowing metabolism by 15%. (3)

Nearly doubling chances of Type 2 Diabetes. (4)

It’s a poison that affects your mind by:

Setting you up for repeated failure. (5)

Making the image in the mirror feel never good enough. (6)

Convincing you that you can’t be trusted around food. (7)

Teaching you to panic and lose control around junk food. (8)

It’s a poison that affects your relationship with food:

Makes you feel like you HAVE to get a salad even if you want pizza, but then you end up breaking down and eating the pizza anyway in a moment of weakness.

Makes you feel like you HAVE to drink green juices despite absolutely despising them, but, hey - they are healthy, right?.

Make you think, “I’m was so bad this weekend. I ate everything I wanted.”

If the side-effects of dieting are so damaging, why do people keep going at it? 

So Why Keep Dieting?  

Diets not working is not new information.  I’m sure I’m not the first person to tell you this. There are only three real reasons why anyone diets: 

1) You believe that one more diet will do the trick. 

You’ve probably been told that if you followed your diet for longer, been more committed, or been more consistent than you would have succeeded. Translation: it’s your fault. 

But it’s not your fault. And one more diet will only make it worse by reinforcing bad habits and unrealistic expectations.  

2) You are scared that if you don’t diet, you won’t stop eating OR you won’t know what to eat and what not to eat.  

This is not even close to true - no one, not even the smartest doctor in the world, can tell you how food makes YOU feel.  Only you can.

3) You are unaware of any other options

Dieting is a part of the DNA of our culture and society.  What other options exist if you don’t diet? Good question. Read on and I’ll explain.

So what do you do?

If dieting isn’t the answer - then what is?  

But before we even answer that question, there is something you must do first.  


There is no real success in weight loss until you STOP dieting. Not a little, not kinda, I mean 100% stop dieting and remove all the dieting rules that exist in your life.  

In my 9 years of working with clients, no single client has ever succeeded until they dropped the dieting mentality.  

If you feel like you have to be cautious about everything that goes into your belly. If you are finding yourself binging for days before you can get it back together. If you feel like food is a constant battle of temptation and willpower, it’s all because of dieting. 

If you want to learn how my clients have stopped dieting and feel free around food, then watch my new training, the No Diet Masterclass (it’s free). On this training, I reveal how my clients have lost hundreds of pounds, without a diet, rules, restrictions, or counting a single calorie. 

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