No Diet Mission

Fuck Dieting!
This Is the Story of How I Stopped Letting Unhealthy Food Constantly Torture Me and Ruin My Life.


I promise you the real reason you haven’t been able to lose weight in the past has nothing to do with your willpower.


It’s not because you’re undisciplined or lazy. 

Fat Kid

It’s not because you’re a fat kid inside.


It’s not because you work too much and miss the gym too often.


It’s not because you’re addicted to carbs.

These are things you’ve been trained to believe and have been reinforced with thousands of hours of TV, hundreds of magazines and blogs, and million dollar Facebook marketing campaigns.  It’s in your face 24/7/365.

The real reason you’ve been fighting a losing weight loss battle is because food is torturing and tormenting you at every step of the way.

Food has become your life.  

It’s a part of your actions.

It’s a part of your thoughts.

It’s a part of who you are.

Everything is driven by food.

And the more you fight to eat healthy and make the right decisions, the more it feels like an invisible hand just shoves more and more food into your mouth and your pants get more and more snug.


“I did it wrong my entire life. I dieted, deprived, and restricted. I was the one always left holding the bag. The solution wasn’t another diet, the solution was that I needed to change my behavior and attitude and that’s what I am here to teach you."

Joe Nissim Founder & Head Coach

Diets Are Supposed to Save You, but They Slowly and Surely Poison You.

Dieting is shoved into your face 24/7 to protect you from “toxic”, “contaminating”, and “poisonous” food. 

The dieting world has everyone sucked in.  Sucked into different Instagram gurus with tons of followers, shows like the Biggest Loser, Netflix documentaries, and studies.

These diets should have your best interest at heart.  They should help.

But they are a TOXIC poison.  

It’s a poison that affects your body by:

Triggering weight GAIN of 10-15 pounds for every diet you go on.

Increasing body fat by 40%.

Slowing metabolism by 15%.

Nearly doubling chances of Type 2 Diabetes.

It’s a poison that affects your mind by:

Setting you up for repeated failure.

Making the image in the mirror feel never good enough.

Convincing you that you can’t be trusted around food.

Teaching you to panic and lose control around junk food.

It’s a poison that affects your relationship with food:

Makes you feel like you HAVE to get a salad even if you want pizza, but then you end up breaking down and eating the pizza anyway in a moment of weakness.

Makes you feel like you HAVE to drink green juices despite absolutely despising them, but, hey - they are healthy, right?.

Make you think, “I’m was so bad this weekend. I ate everything I wanted.”

These behaviors and thoughts are not normal. They are not helpful.

They are the TRUE poison that will ruin your life if you don’t do something about it.

And if you are not careful, you’ll continue running around like a chicken with its head cut off - shoving down kale and buying Kind bars to avoiding anything with gluten and dairy.  

You see, weight loss has very little to do with calories, nutrients, or the food itself.

But that doesn’t stop the Instagram gurus and big companies like Weight Watchers from blowing up your feed with a new weight loss book, 30-day challenge, or meal plan trying to convince you’re still doing it all wrong.  

They are WRONG.

Because no diet, meal plan, or weight loss book can possibly know your hunger level or foods that satisfy you.

Dieting leads to weight gain.  Since the late 1940s, a large body of research has shown that dieting causes weight gain in every age group, from children to teens to adults. There are profound biological mechanisms inside of your body that make this a virtual certainty.     

In a study run in 2014, they found that dieters suffer from something called ‘learned helplessness’ - which means that each failed weight loss attempt craters your confidence and self-trust drop and skyrockets your dependency on dieting.  

So for all the science nutrition companies hold up as the holy grail of weight loss, they neglect the most important part of nutrition - the human part.   

Food is not just calories and nutrients. Food is also emotional. Food is an experience. An experience that you gauge by flavor, texture, and aroma -- not because it contains 300% of your daily Vitamin C requirements as calculated by the FDA.  

Food is not meant to be calculated, managed, constantly prepared, and perfectly planned. It’s meant to fill, satisfy, bring families together, bring friends together, soothe, and celebrated with.

Hence, planned starvation (aka dieting) is not a solution.  

It’s against human nature, genetics, and normal behavior. No amount of willpower or green juices will ever change that.  

Dieting is dangerous. It’s damaging. And the worst part - it’s a badge of honor.

So here’s my pledge to YOU.

We’re going to say “screw it!” to:

Dieting over and over again.

Being obsessed with eating healthy.

Feeling owned by the 3 digits on the scale.

Guru’s who discuss the benefits of Kale non-stop.

Feeling like a failure because you can’t eat salad for 7 days in a row.

Everyone on Instagram who posts pictures that say “Eat this, but don’t eat that.”

Letting your weight hold your life, confidence, and sex life hostage.


Let’s address your nutrition, but then let's address the root of the real problem first:

Your Relationship with Food.

The dieting industry ruined my dreams of fat loss AND my relationship with food with their 2 cent cookie-cutter plans and advice that makes you feel like ½ a man.

I’ve since learned how to change my relationship with food, stop emotional eating, lose weight and keep it off, and love food AGAIN.

I’m here to show you how to do the same.

At No Diet Man, we understand every aspect of eating. We understand the emotional part, we understand the nutrition, and we promise never to hand you a recipe for kale chips.  Eating is so much more than just calories in - calories out, and I will help you fix all the subconscious programs, like stress eating, eating when you are bored, and finishing your plate even when you are full, that run in the background that make eating healthy feel so damn difficult.

You don’t have to choose between being either healthy or eating junk food.

I want you to love food, and never feel like you have to sacrifice, restrict, deprive, or calculate just to lose a few pounds.  

Want to learn more? Watch my free No Diet Masterclass where I break down:

  • The #1 reason to stop dieting now and the huge mistake that keeps 99% of guys on the diet rollercoaster.
  • Why your brain is the most important part of sustainable weight loss.
  • How to re-engineer your habits so that you can eat foods you want, without guilt, gaining weight, or sacrificing your health.
  • And how to do ALL of this without Keto, Paleo, fasting, counting calories, points, macros, or using an app.
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