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What is the No Diet Method?

The average dieter quits in 19 days. Most cheat on their diet in 5 days. How long do you last? 

For years, I didn’t want to be a statistic. I wanted to be a shining example of how much more disciplined I was then everyone else. I wanted to be the guy who was part of the 3% of people who succeeded on a diet. 

Up until a few years ago, I didn’t realize how unrewarding of a venture dieting was.  

Statistics are one of the most powerful explanations of human behavior. They show to what extent something works or doesn’t work. When it comes to dieting, however, the statistics are often misused.  When most people (especially nutrition professionals) refer to dieting statistics, it’s usually as a cautionary tale. They use the stats to remind you of how 97% of people fail and to be part of the 3%, sealed with a motivational question like, “Are you going to be a quitter or winner?”  

This couldn’t be a more misguided approach. The statistics aren’t meant to be a cautionary tale, but show how ineffective dieting really is. 

Most dieting companies don’t care about the statistics. They are profit driven businesses that will latch onto any trend as long as it drives their bottom line profits.

The second any dieting ideas becomes mainstream, they profit until the trend dies, then move to the next trend.  

When one diet is no longer en vogue – there is a new, sexier model rolling out just around the corner. 

When diets don’t work – they call it a “lifestyle.”

It has a NEW, EXCITING science behind it. It has NEW principles no one has ever heard. It has NEW models with sexier abs. It has NEW before and after pics that almost seem unreal.  

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