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What is Intuitive Eating?

Permanent Weight Loss Happens When You STOP Dieting And START Eating Like A Toddler.

Diets fail 97% of the time

The most recent statistics show that 97% of diets fail. Nearly 50% of all dieters regain all the weight they lost on a diet within 1 year. The other 50% regain the weight, plus some.
Translation: if you go on a diet, you are more likely to GAIN weight than lose weight.

A study done on 50,000 people over 7 years showed that the normal “eat less, exercise more” advice given by most diet gurus, personal trainers, or Instagram “expert because he has a six-pack,” show ZERO effectiveness over long periods of time.

Translation: Whether you ate bread, pizza, and wings or dieted, meal prepped, or ate healthy, you’d be in the SAME exact spot. (This includes even the Keto Diet!)

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Why Diets Don't Work


How giving up dieting will help you lose and keep off tons of weight, even if you’ve never been able to keep weight off for longer than 6 months.  

I used to be a diet whore. 

When everyone was doing Atkins. I did it.

When Paleo became popular. I did it.

When Eating Clean was ‘the thing’. I did it.

Each time, I paid money.

Each time, I prepped food for hours.

Each time, I went full force into diet mode.

Each time, I got burned and put back on any weight that I lost.

I started feeling used, like a cheap whore in Game of Thrones.

How could I pour so much time and effort into dieting, yet always find myself falling off the wagon?

What was wrong with me?

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

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What Is Your Relationship with Food?

The One Relationship NOBODY Teaches You Anything About
(And why it sets you up for being fat, miserable, and stuck)  

I remember the first time I heard this term.  I was confused. I never thought of myself as having a relationship with food.  

I had relationships with my friends, family, colleagues, and clients, but food? - it seemed like a really ‘out there’ concept.

What I knew about food was simple:

Some food was good for you.

Some food was bad for you. 

Eating lean meats, healthy fats, green vegetables, and natural carbs was about all the nutrition advice anyone needed.  

If you wanted to be healthy or achieve the illustrious ‘6 pack’, you needed to be committed to eating clean with no room for error, no moments of weaknesses, and no giving into temptation.

This was the nutrition advice drilled into my head over and over again starting with my oldest sister, shifting to my high school football coach, then my friends who had nutrition and exercise degrees, and of course, the internet.    

But deep down, I always felt there was a much bigger force at play beyond all the nutrition advice I had received.  The bigger force felt like an invisible hand that would shove food in my mouth despite my wishes to eat clean. The force felt like a devil inside my head that would torment me with my favorite chips or cookies.  The force felt like a monster inside of me that was always in control of my eating decisions and I had no choice but to listen to every single of its commands.

For 17 years I lost weight on a diet at least 2-3 times per year.  I had no problem losing weight, but keeping off a single pound felt impossible. After trying, failing, and finally figuring out how to lose and keep off 50lbs, I was right  - the force was my relationship with food.

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