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Why We Started

Why Can’t You Lose Weight? 

Losing weight permanently is an age-old problem.  For the past 1,000 years, scientists, doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, and coaches have been trying to answer this seemingly simple question.  And the answer always comes back to the food you are eating. It’s always some version of “you are eating the wrong food.” And despite the research, technology, studies, and an endless supply of information, only 3% dieters, succeed -- That means 97% of dieters FAIL.

What’s wrong with this picture?


In the 500+ years that diets have been exploring food, they should have found the magic combination by now. But they haven’t. Hundreds of years, millions of professionals, and billions of dollars have tried to crack this code.  But here’s the secret:

It’s NOT The Food. 

The Problem is Dieting

Plot twist: The solution to your weight gain and issues with food ends up being the HUGE 10,000 pound Gorilla in the room that no one wants to talk about. The dieting industry, despite really trying to help people, have failed us. They’ve created a poisonous relationship between you and food. And it doesn't matter how smart, how educated, or how much knowledge you have - none of us are immune from the dieting world because of one really big fat important fact:

Food is not logical, it’s emotional.

Beginning in the 1990’s a quiet subculture of people got sick and tired of all the diets and took a hard and fast stand and decided “No More Dieting.” Their had to be a better way.

Humans have been alive for thousands of years without diets and special foods and they have lived in perfect health.

Little did they know what their research would find.

A group of healthy psychologists, physicians, and dietitians started exploring and experimenting and finally they found a system that actually worked.

The irony, it was our brain that controlled the entire system and took normal diet ideals and completely flipped it on its head.

It was a revolutionary system that connected Mind and Body, brain and belly, Intuition and Introspection and soon became known as Intuitive Eating.

It should have taken the nation by storm right?

It didn’t.

A few dietitians, primarily women, embraced the idea and used it with their clients, who were primarily women.

As more and more women began practicing Intuitive Eating, a divide happened. Men continued to diet as more and more women began practicing Intuitive Eating.

Most men perceived Intuitive eating as “cop out”, “lazy”, “something my wife does”, or my favorite, “I don’t want to talk about how food makes me feel.”

Men embraced the idea for a short second and then went back to their diet rollercoaster and continued to suffer, fight, battle diet, after diet, after diet.

Today, most men suffer with the same side effects of dieting that women do:

  • Binging
  • Obsession with Food
  • Obsession with Healthy Eating
  • Weight Cycling
  • Fighting Food
  • Feeling Scared of Food

All the same issues women are dealing with, but they don’t know how to even begin approaching what’s going on. 

Our Core Values

At No-Diet man, we value 5 things above all to help our clients and run our business.   

 Clients First, Process Second

We pledge to put our clients over our own ego, process, or business.  We pledge to align the the values of our program with the best possible outcomes for our clients.

No questions asked.

No strategy, process, study, or professional’s opinion is more important than what works for our clients and gets them results.  We believe that being client centric isn't just a cool to say that, but a necessary attitude to help those who need our help the most. For years men, nutrition professional have handed men cookie cutter plans so they can “scale” their businesses.  When the plans didn't work, then in turn blamed their clients. (Cue: guilt, shame, and feeling like a failure). 

The truth is: the diet, program, nutrition professional failed you.

Men come to us from all different backgrounds and starting points in their weight loss journey, and our duty is to help them reprogram the sabotaging eating behavior. No spreadsheet, calculation,  doses of Vitamin C or sautéed Kale in Coconut oil can change that. We got your back, because we pledge to understand every nuance of eating behavior, even when it’s challenging for us. Our process is constantly changing as we learn, adapt, and get better. And we do that because we listen to you, our client. 

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FREE No Diet Masterclass

  • A step-by-step game plan my busy male clients use to lose 30 to 50 pounds without intermittent fasting, following keto, or wasting 30 days on Whole 30.
  • How to keep the weight off permanently, without grinding at gym or living in "diet mode.”
  • The real reason why relying on "willpower" is a setup for failure, and how my clients use their relationship with food to get the body they've always wanted.
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