The Best Diet Is No Diet

Have You Ever Found Yourself Sucked
Into the Cyclone of Dieting Torment Below?

Step 1

You click on the first site Google returns and as the site is loading, you see fat guts turn into six packs in just 8 weeks.  You click onto the site and it says….  

 “Welcome to Diet X.”

“Our clients lose 20 pounds and 10 inches in 30 DAYS!”

“You’ve probably done all the other diets, and nothing has worked. Your double chin is disgusting, you’re ugly, fat, unhealthy, and you hate yourself.”

“Are you ready to shred all the fat away??”


“Hell yea I’m ready!”  

Step 2

You Scroll Down And Read Their Wild Scientific Claims  

Diet "X":

“Our coffee and butter mixture triggers weight loss by way of ketosis, a metabolic state triggered by a lack of carbs that kicks fat-burning into overdrive; it kills pesky cravings; and it boosts cognitive function, mainlining a shining dose of mental clarity into your foggy morning skull. It may even fold your laundry for an extra $9.95.”


"It makes perfect sense. I'm not burning enough fat right now so I need to eat less carbs... AND I need to inject three tablespoons of butter into my veins while I trundle down the hallways of my office screaming violently." 

Step 3

Promise Outrageous And Fast Weight Loss, The Sex Drive Of A Wild Boar, And Solving All of Life’s Problems.    

Diet "X":

“Wake up and reclaim your life like a man!  Lose all that ugly fat that’s causing all your problems, and when you do, you will be rich, loved by everyone, and women will be ripping your clothes off!”


“Where do I sign up? Take my money, now!”  

Step 4

Deliver The Diet Plan and Vanish  

Diet "X":

“Eat as much as you want of the foods in green, eat the foods in orange sometimes, and the ones in red never. In 3 months, you’ll be ½ the man you used to be. You won’t crave a cookie or a scoop of ice cream ever again. Hell, you won’t even be hungry.”

“All of those other diets you’ve tried in the past didn’t work because you weren’t eating the right kinds of foods like you are now.”

“Remember, this isn’t just a diet, it’s a lifestyle!”

“Are you ready for the magic?”



“You damn right I’m ready for the magic. This plan looks a lot like Paleo, but whatever! I’m already in. I’m gonna have my college weight and swagga back in no time.”

Step 5

6 Months Later

Diet "X":

“If you didn’t lose weight and keep it off, it's YOUR fault.  We gave you bulletproof science and told you exactly what to eat, and what not eat.  You were inconsistent and lazy. I guess you really didn’t want it, did you (INSERT FIRST NAME)?”


“How am I here, again? How am I a size 40” waist, again? How am I 10 pounds heavier from where I started, AGAIN?”  

Step 6

You Are Back to Ground Zero

You are sick and tired of the dieting, the calorie counting, and feeling like something is wrong with you. You are probably wondering why you feel like a bottomless pit when your plan was supposed to eradicate your insatiable hunger?

Sadly, the Diet Industry doesn’t care about you. They are a for-profit business who are fixated with their bottom line, not your health.

The industry is one big expensive, sophisticated, and robotic marketing machine that has even the savviest, the smartest, and the fittest people obsessing, binging, and fixated on their food.        

You are not alone.

The good news is...

The No Diet Method isn’t a diet. 
The No Diet Method is a way out of dieting. 

Let me show you how in my new workshop below.  

FREE No Diet Workshop

  • My specialized system, The No-Diet method, and how it breaks the pattern of binging, stress eating, and thinking about food 24/7 (if you follow the method I’m going to share with you to the letter, you’re finally going to experience what freedom around food feels like).
  • How 99.99999% of the information that has been fed to you about nutrition is either biased or plain wrong (simply throwing away all the misinformation will make eating feel easy, fun, and free, rather than strangling you with stress.)
  • Why mainstream dieting advice you hear NEVER, EVER works (and how it’s more hurtful than helpful to your metabolism and relationship with food.)
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